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Zombies are a hostile NPC in Zombie Rush,. Zombies follow players wherever they go, and seem to prioritize targets based on the distance between the player

zombie. About every 5 waves, the amount of damage a to a player increases by an amount

There are some types of Zombies. They are listed below:


The most common Zombies. They have the least amount health and provide the least concern. They have grime coloured skin and have a light brown torso and legs. The regular Normals are no threat but free player zombies look the same so be wary. Some people may only bring out their weapon when close to a player, so be careful even around these.


Slightly stronger than Normal but do not pose a threat. They have white arms and head, and a grey body and legs.


Stronger than Silver and might pose a threat to starters, but a not very strong. They have honey colored arms and head, and a yellow body and legs.


The easiest of the Gem Zombies. They may pose a threat but are easily killed with Sniper, and onward. They have red arms and head, and a red-orange body and legs.


A Gem Zombie. Sapphires may pose a real threat, but experienced players won't have much trouble with them. They have blue arms and head, and a light blue body and legs.


The last Gem Zombie. Poses an actual threat. They are hard to take down and you need high-damaging weapons to rid yourself of them. They have lime arms and head, and a green body and legs.


Rarer and stronger than Sapphire, they are brutal and hard to kill and pose threats to intermediate ranking players. They have white-blue arms, head and legs, and a grey-blue body.


The third strongest Zombie in the game. They are harder than any Gem Zombie (excluding Amethyst) and take several shots of the best guns to kill them. They provide a lot of Experience Points and are highly recommended for leveling up. They have black arms and head, and a dark grey body and legs. They also leave behind a trail of black smoke wherever they go.


They are extremely hard to kill, but provide much Experience Points. Laser Rifle or onward is recommended for these Zombies. They have violet arms and head, and an indigo body. They also leave a trail of purple smoke out of their heads.


They were the hardest Zombies in Zombie Rush before Wraiths were added. They have a lot of health, and provide the a lot of Experience Points and are also recommended for leveling up. They, along with Obsidian, take extremely good weapons to defeat. Weapons recommended are the Mars Blaster or better for defeating these Zombies. They have the same color scheme as Obsidian's, but it's all transparent. They have two red eyes, opposed to the same zombie face, the rest share. When they're aggravated, their eyes will glow and illuminate their surroundings.


Wraith Zombies are considered to be a stronger version of phantoms. They look like Phantoms apart from color, and have blue glowing eyes. They serve the most xp out of all zombies.


Exclusive zombies that were added in the Halloween Update of 2018. They have moderate health and serve 600 XP when killed. Though they appear to have a jack o lantern on their head, they do have the classic zombie face hidden underneath. The pumpkin zombie was also brought back for the 2020 Halloween Update, and was also used in the 2020 Thanksgiving Update, and now awarded 750 XP.


Exclusive zombies that were added in the 2020 Thanksgiving Update. They have around the same amount as Pumpkin, and serve 750 when killed. They appear with a turky on their head, with a small part of their mouth visible, showing the classic zombie face.


Exclusive zombies that were added in the 2018 Christmas Update. The common brought of a that 420 XP. The zombies with a brown head and arm slight brown with a three circles of the body.


Brutes are bigger, stronger and slower versions of Zombies. They will share the same color scheme as their smaller counterparts. Brute versions of Amethyst, Obsidian, and Phantom Zombies will share Amethyst's purple smoke, Obsidian's black smoke or Phantom's glowing eyes, respectively. There are no Brute Skeletons. Brutes yield much more Experience Points than their smaller counterparts.
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